lee5Liliana’s artistic journey began when she was only 6 years old, in the Theatre. Being an actress was a found urge, and the only one possible, because she had decided that she wanted to live as many lives as possible. When she turned 16 the experiences on Television brought up her fascination for the cameras and by the work of an actor, so different from all she knew, by then.

Although her deep connections to the arts, in 2001 she decided to study Law, she believed she could make a difference within the justice realm. With that belief ceased, and after studying acting in the USA, she decides to run, as an extraordinaire student, to the Actors course, at ESTC (Portugal). At that point she was already working as an actress.

In 2009, “Cinema happened to her”. She was featured on Lines of Wellington, Marcas Soltas, 8 mais 1 or Um Dia, project where she was also screenwriter, besides other tasks. She shared works and studies with the likes of Margie Harber, Michael Margotta, Nancy Bishop, Gonçalo Galvão Telles, Artur Ribeiro, Guilherme Filipe, Robert Lee Goodman, Carlos J.Pessoa, Tom Stern, Valeria Sarmiento, Maurício Ribeiro, among many others.

In 2011, she returns to ESTC for her Master degree on Performative Arts/ Interpretation. Currently she is a screenwriter/ writer hired by Barcelona’s Loftworks and gives her first steps as Directing Assistant in projects related to that production company and is also filming a TV show named Quimbo Cuia, for Elavoko Entertainment.


1998/99: Prize by FEDER PRONORTE for best writing. Published by Elefante Editora.

2011: Internacional EMMY Award 2011 for the Portuguese soap opera “Meu Amor”, where she was featured as an actress. Prize given by The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to Plural Entertainment Portugal.