Portuguese Award Winning Actress.

With an already extensive body of work in the acting world, namely in hit tv shows, short films, feature films and theater. Has a Masters Degree in Performance Arts by the National Conservatory (ESTC) and teaches theater at the school complex Filipa de Lencastre.  Was also casted in many successful projects, such as: "O Teu Olhar", "Querida Preciosa", "Linhas de Wellington", "Aurum" and "Take Away".

Liliana Leite is an actress, a calling she found and chose because it was the only one that would allow her to live a multitude of lives.
Her constant strive for more challenges makes her a producer. As such, in 2013, she founded Zataras (an Art Incubator) with the purpose of producing all forms or artistic content, like cinema, theater and performance and also advertisement and corporate films.

She studied Law at FDUC and Performing Arts - Acting at ESTC. She's been doing theater since the tender age of six. In various commercials she's the face and in others the voice.

In Aurum, a project very dear to her heart, she won an International Award for Best Actress.
She played Saint Beatriz da Silva in Portuguese television and did various guest supporting roles, namely in "Meu Amor" and "Massa Fresca".

So far, in her professional career, she has been awarded 18 times. For achievements in cinema, television, advertising and writing.



FaustusAlberto Rocco Supporting
O EsquemaAlberto Rocco Supporting
A ChamadaRui ConstantinoSupporting
Lines of Wellington    Valeria SarmientoSupporting
Marcas SoltasLuis RodriguesSupporting
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BecomingRui BalãoSupporting
MilénioPedro CaldeiraSupporting
Se na Floresta um sopro Francisco SilvaSupporting
Take Away Ricardo ReisLead
AurumRicardo ReisLead
The FlushRicardo ReisSupporting
Eat, Sleep, Repeat Zé Maria Abreu SantosLead
TuLuciano SazoLead
Um diaAndré SousaLead
Feelings That RemainRicardo CondeLead
WisegirlsAndré SousaLead
Bright Light Could Kill YouRodrigo LevyLead
O CéuAndré SousaSupporting
8 mais 1 João Diogo MarquesSupporting
Showing entries (of total )
Arqueologia de Uma VidaTV Series/RTPSupporting
Querida PreciosaTV Series/RTPSupporting
Massa FrescaTV Series/RTPGuest Star
Agora a Sério TV Series/RTPSupporting
Santos Portugueses - Santa Beatriz da SilvaTV Series/RTPLeading Role
As Linhas de Torres VedrasTV Series/RTPSupporting
Meu AmorNovel/TVISpecial Guest Star
O Teu OlharNovel/TVISpecial Guest Star
Showing entries (of total )
LEVFood SupplementsLead
LibertyInsurance CompanyLead
Holmes PlaceGymnasium BrandLead
RandstadHuman ResourcesLead
MontepioCommercial BankSupporting
OptimusCell Phone CompanySupporting
InfarmedPharmaceutical CompanyLead
WortenHousehold AppliancesSupporting
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A PeçaDaniel FialhoPortugal
Noite da Literatura EuropeiaSimona RackovaLisbon
A Lua que queria ser quadradaIsa SilvaLisbon
O SonhoAlexander Tuji NamLisbon
UnhasCarlos J. PessoaLisbon
EstalajadeiraJoão Manuel BarrosLisbon
A Lenda da Barca dos CorvosJoão CorreiaLisbon
A Casa de Bernarda AlbaPaulo TafulPortugal
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Theatre Degree-ActorsNational ConservatoryLisbon
Performative Arts-Master DegreeNational ConservatoryLisbon
The Sam Christensen process for actorsThe Sam Christensen StudioLos Angeles
Margie Haber "Live the Life" ACTLisbon
Nancy Bishop "Audition and Screen Acting TechniqueFestFilmLabOporto
Robert GoodmanNYFALisbon
Michael Kaiser-Arts Manag.Kennedy CenterWash. DC
Michael MargottaNYFAItaly
Screen Acting TechniquePlural EntertainmentLisbon
Voice with Johan SudenbergRoyal Institute of StockholmAveiro
Pilot SeasonActors ConnectionNYC
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Native Portuguese, Brazilian, English (american accent), Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic (i started learning this year)
Krav Maga, Slide, Pilates, Yoga, Football, Swimming, Bowling, Stand Up Paddle Board, Bowling and Sailing (Skiper license).


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